My name is Jaana Pohjola, I am an animal behaviour specialist and the two-legged figure behind askthedog.eu

In my work, I guide people towards considering animals as a whole, the teaching of which is influenced not only by the learning situation itself, but also by the animals’ living conditions and its stimulation, species-specific needs and animal welfare.

I have a very hands-on approach when working with animals. More and more, I believe that everyone who lives with an animal can enjoy just the kind of life that they would like and feel best about. I am happy if I can be of some kind of assistance or support, either through the website or a face-to-face meeting. I studied Animal Behaviour at the University of Portsmouth, so everything that I do is based on a strong scientific background.

In all of the work that I carry out with animals, the idea is that it is the animal that teaches the handler and not the other way around. I believe that an animal is always the best expert in its own wellbeing. It is our ( we “the owners and handlers”) job to get to know the animal as an individual and to build mutual communication.

Set of values

I have defined my working values that will be used as the basis for building cooperation with both the animal and its owner/handler.


I would like to promote the responsible keeping of animals through my own actions. Each owner has a responsibility to look after the welfare of their animal, and I would like to increase the opportunities for animal owners to act responsibly.


Safety is important when handling and training animals. Safety is a diverse entity comprised of tools and a good, trusting relationship between the animal and its owner, and everything else that falls in between. There is also an open atmosphere to safety in the training and I would like everyone to feel safe.


I would like to develop cooperation between different experts and actors. I have an extensive network of partners, and I believe that more can be achieved through collaboration. Online courses are a good example of what can be accomplished through collaboration.


The foundation behind all my work is the wellbeing of the animal. I believe that such wellbeing starts with a holistic approach that takes into account the experience of an animal in all that it does.